On behalf of the General Assembly of Bizkaia, I would like to warmly welcome you to the Bizkaia Parliament. You will find here comprehensive information on the historical tradition of the provincial institutions, along with their current format and on the different activities carried out in the General Assembly.

You will find out about the normative capacity of our Parliament and learn about issues of interest to Bizkaia that are currently being processed, or analyse issues that have been previously dealt with.

There is also an area for citizen participation on this official website, which has been updated with the start of the X parliamentary term. Your opinions or comments are always considered and valued, because it is our understanding that the freedom of expression of individuals is an essential element for the democratic development of our Historical Territory and for improving the task of a parliamentary body.

In this regard, we are interested in you knowing what we do, supervising our actions and integrating as another member of this institution so entrenched in the history of Biscay.

On this official website, renewed at the end of the 11th Legislature, space has been assigned for citizen participation. On behalf of all the representatives of Bizkaia, I trust that the content of this website will be of interest to you.

The objective of the Juntas Generales is to promote all those initiatives that contribute to the development of Bizkaia in all fields. They hold regulatory capacity and lay down Normas Forales (Territorial Regulations) on those matters for which the Historic Territories Act acknowledges their responsibility, such as public works, social welfare, fiscal policy, agriculture, museums, etc.

The relationships between the Diputación Foral de Bizkaia (Bizkaia Regional Government) and the Juntas Generales are typical of a parliamentary system. Like any Parliament, they control the administrative actions of the Regional Government with questions, motions, proposals and interpellations, and issue the said Normas Forales, which are equivalent to the laws of the Territory. I invite you to discover the details and take part in the legislative decisions that could affect your day-to-day lives.

Ana Otadui Biteri

President of the General Assembly of Bizkaia.