Board of Spokespersons

XII Term of Office


The body through which the Groups of Representatives take part in the development of the activities carried out by the Chamber. It is made up of the Chair of the General Assemblies, acting as its President, and the Spokespersons of the Groups of Representatives. Their meetings must be attended by one of the Secretaries of the General Assemblies and by the Chief Legal Counsel of their Legal Service or delegated Legal Counsel, and optionally by a representative of the Regional Government, and by the remaining members of the Board.

Without prejudice of the function of deciding the Agenda of the Plenary Assembly, in agreement with the Presidency, the Board is heard previously to set out the criteria that contribute to organising and facilitating the work of the Chamber, setting at all times the number of members from each Group of Representatives in each Committee, allocating seats in the Plenary Room and the location of the seats of the different Groups of Representatives in the Gernika Assembly Hall and in the administrative buildings of the General Assemblies, as well as setting the calendar of activities of the Committees and of the Plenary for each period of sittings. The decisions of the Board of Spokespersons are adopted using the weighted voting system, i.e., the vote of each Spokesperson carries weight equivalent to the number of members of the respective Group of Representatives.