Abellaneda Assembly Hall

Abellaneda in the 20th century

In 1901, due to the state of ruin of the architectural group, the Regional Government of Bizkaia undertook the "recovery" of the Casa de Juntas, the jail and the Casa del Corregidor, with a project by the provincial architect Antonio Carlevaris that respected the external appearance of the building, while modifying its interior. Subsequently, in 1931, Diego de Basterra was commissioned to design a new project, which was only partially completed but nevertheless achieved a total renovation of the interior, and a modest museum was created on the site.

Hall of the Assembly House of AbellanedaBetween 1942 and 1957, architect Eugenio de Aginaga undertook a major alteration that left the building with a very similar appearance to the one we see today. He added an additional storey to the Casa de Juntas, including battlements and lending the building its present-day tower look; added many Romanesque and Renaissance-style windows, joined together the Casa de Juntas and Casa del Corregidor; erected a spiral staircase in the interior of the building, etc...

Finally, in 1989, architects Javier Muñoz and Josu Urriolabeitia undertook the last renovation of the building, lending it its present appearance, adding a new body of modern forms in front of the tower and altering the interior of the Casa de Juntas and Casa del Corregidor to fit them as museum rooms and offices. The Casa de Juntas of Abellaneda is currently home of the Encartaciones Museum, which replaced the Museo de la Casa de Juntas created in 1968.


Barrio Avellaneda, s/n (Sopuerta-Bizkaia ) 48869



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