Labour relations and remuneration system

Labour relations and remuneration system

Heading Basic information Additional information

Data controller

Identity of the data controller

Bizkaia General Assemblies Economy Advisory Manager


Description of the purposes of the processing

  • Assembly member management (list of groups of assembly members)
  • Payment of the payroll of the Bizkaia General Assemblies' civil servants and assembly members
  • Payment of per diem expenses to the assembly members and civil servants
  • Publication of the activities and assets of the assembly members
  • No purging takes place
  • There are no automated decisions, profiles or applied logic

Legitimate interest

Legal status of the processing

Contractual relationship between Bizkaia General Assemblies and their staff and General Electoral System Regulatory Act


Anticipation, or not, of Assignments

The activities and assets of assembly members are published on the Bizkaia General Assemblies website

Anticipation of Transfers, or not, to third parties

There are no international data transfers