History of general assemblies

Historival evolution

Historical development of General Meetings from 10th Century to 21st Century

Century Title
10th Century

First mention of the name Bizkaia in the Chronicles of Alfonso III.

11th Century

1043: First reference to a political authority in Bizkaia: Iñigo Lopez Ezkerra, Lord of Bizkaia.

1053 and 1075: First references to meetings or assemblies of Biscayan people.

12th Century  
13th Century

Incorporation of Encartaciones and Duranguesado to the Lordship.

14th Century

First documented testimony of the holding of Juntas (Assemblies).


15th Century

1452: Drawing up of the Old Fuero.

16th Century

1526: Drawing up of the New Fuero.

17th Century

1630 Concord: Puts an end to the rivalry between towns and parishes.

18th Century

1717: First tensions between Bourbon centralism and the foral system.

19th Century

1876: Abolition of the Fueros and suppression of foral institutions.

20th Century

1979 (18th April): The General Assemblies are re-established.v

1979–1983: 1st Legislature.

1983–1987: 2nd Legislature.

1987–1991: 3rd Legislature.

1991–1995: 4th Legislature.

1995–1999: 5th Legislature.

1999–2003: 6th Legislature.

21st Century

2003–2007: 7th Legislature.

2004: Commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the reestablishment of the General Assemblies.

2005 (25 February): Planting of the former Gernika Tree.

2007–2011: 8th Legislature.

2011–2015: 9th Legislature.

2015: Planting of present days Oak Tree of Gernika.

2015–2019: 10th Legislature.