Communicating with the general public

Communicating with the general public

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Data controller

Identity of the data controller

Chief Counsel of Bizkaia General Assemblies


Description of the purposes of the processing

  • This processing refers to the contact section established through the website, along with managing queries, complaints, suggestions or claims and their subsequent processing
  • No purging takes place
  • There are no automated decisions, profiles or applied logic

Legitimate interest


Consent to process personal data for one or several specific purposes


Anticipation, or not, of Assignments

Given that the requests, suggestions, complaints and claims are public in nature, the identity of the individuals (name and surname(s) along with any personal details included:

  1. Will be mentioned in the parliamentary sessions and will, consequently, be recorded in their respective Minutes and Parliamentary Reports

  2. Will be accessible on the website of the Bizkaia General Assemblies

However, the interested party may request that their identity is not disseminated or that the examining of the request, suggestion, complaint or claim be confidential as they contain personal data. In that case, only the members of the Requests and Citizens Relations Committee and its technician services, along with the competent administrations given the nature of the subject, as applicable, shall proceed to process the data. The contents of meetings of the Committee shall be confidential, if so agreed by that body.

Anticipation of Transfers, or not, to third parties

International data transfers shall not be performed